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  • How many days in advance can I cancel a reservation?
    1: Cancelling prior to 40 days before the arival day, with full 100% refound of your reservation. 2: Cancelling Prior 15 days before the arival day, you will get no deposit refound. 3: Cancelling any time past the 15 days from your arival, you will be charged the full 100% amount on to your booking reservation credit or debit card.
  • Do you offer non-smoking rooms?
    In Villa Koromilies every room is non-smoking.
  • At what time is check-out?
    Check-out is generally at 12am. Afterwards the rooms have to get cleaned for the upcoming arrivals.
  • Is parking available at the hotel?
    All Villa Koromilies rooms and appartments have sufficient parking spaces.
  • Is there a fireplace at the breakfast lounge?
    Yes there is a fireplace in the breakfast lounge and it's being operated by the Villa Koromilies stuff.
  • Is Wi-Fi available at the hotel/in the room?
    WiFi is available free of charge in the rooms and in public areas.
  • Can I use any kind of navigation system to get to Villa Koromilies?
    No. You can only use Google Maps beacause they are up to date at all times.
  • Is there a fireplace in every room?
    No. Only Levanda Suite has a fireplace.
  • Do you use the fireplace as your main heating system or do you have a central heating?
    All Villa Koromilies rooms and appartments use a central heating system. The fireplace at Levanda Suite and the Breakfast Lounge are only used as pleased but do not overide the use of central heating.
  • At what time is check-in?
    Generally all rooms and apartments are available from 2pm.
  • What are the opening ours of the breakfast lounge?
    Breakfast is being surved at the breakfast lounge from 8:00am to 10:00am.
  • Does Google maps show the paths or the staircases do get from the main road to Villa Koromilies by foot?
    No. You will have to ask as to guide you down the stairs.
  • Where can you smoke in Villa Koromilies?
    In all outdoor public areas that an ashtray is provided and the balcony of the breakfast lounge during breakfast hours.
  • How can I book a room or appartment at Villa Koromilies?
    You can feel in a booking request and we will get back to you to confirm availability.
  • Can we pay by credit card and will there be extra charges for the service?
    You can pay with any king of credit or debit card with an aditional extra charge of €5.
  • Are the rates per person or per room?
    All prices, unless stated otherwise, are on a per-room-basis.
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