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Rooms & Rates

All rooms are independent and accommodate from two to up to seven people. There is also a dining area and lounge where the breakfast is served.


Luxurius and relaxing with beautiful view.


The name levanta means lavender. The room consists of two spaces, one where the hamam and the bathroom is found and there are also comfortable sofas and a television. The other space is the bedroom with a beautiful view and a fireplace next to the bed.



Small and romantic, made of stone and wood.


Named after the pomegranate tree outside the room. It is a one room space with a double bed and a bathroom made of stones.  The door opens to the garden to a large rosemary plant. Also includes a small boiler to make tea anytime, free wireless internet and television.



Spacious and autonomous, ideal for friends or a family.


Right outside the entrance of the koromilia room there is a wild plum tree.
There are two bedrooms with double beds and the capacity for another 3 people to sleep in the living room. There is a bathroom, a kitchenette and a small dining area. It also includes a television and free wireless internet.



Comfortable, spacious with great view of the mountains.


Milia is a very comfortable room with an independent bathroom and a small kitchenette (containing fridge and possibility to make a tea or coffee ). 
A rest place in front of the two windows looking the nature with cushions and armchairs. In case of a 3rd person a child there is the possibility to put an extra small bed in the room. The bed is very comfortable and with fine linen.It also includes a television and free wireless internet.


Breakfast and dining area 

The breakfast area is open for breakfast at a time that we arrange and works with your plans. We can provide lunch and dinner upon request and with extra charges. The space can be used at other times in the day, upon request. The balcony has an amazing view of the sunset.


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